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Between innovation and tradition

An experience with an unmistakable taste that involves all the senses in an exceptional location: quality and professionalism.
Inside the Agriresort, the delicious gourmet restaurant will give you the best gastronomic experiences with refined and original cuisine that offers a creative reinterpretation of the best local traditions. Great care is taken in the research and choice of raw materials, exclusively of the territory and respecting the rhythms of nature.
To accompany a moment of refined and original taste, a careful selection of the best local labels.


A sweet awakening of the senses

To make breakfast the first taste experience of the day, our guests will be able to delight their palates with fresh and genuine products, starting their day at their best. They can enjoy maximum relaxation immersed in the greenery of nature, breathing in the fresh air of the morning and savoring the excellent sweet and savory delights coming from the kitchen.
Every morning you will wake up with a rich breakfast characterized by homemade cakes and pastries, fruit jams and fragrant freshly baked biscuits, yogurt and fresh fruit. And, for salt lovers, a wide selection of cured meats, cheeses and eggs cooked at the moment.

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